Alcoholism Warning Signs

Regardless of the number of warning signs, alcoholism symptoms are real and recognizable. To the alcoholic in denial, however, they are not so recognizable.
I believe that most alcoholics, in a certain sense, CHOOSE to be in a state of denial even in the face of clear alcoholism symptoms. They know these things about themselves. Or at the very least, someone close to them has told them these things.

Here are some of the warning signs:
* Drinking more than you used to.
* Drinking alone.
* Drinking more than your friends and wanting to drink longer than your friends.
* A high toleration for alcohol; needing more and more to get that buzz.
* Lying about the amount of alcohol you consume.
* Drinking first thing in the morning.
* Blackouts.
* Legal problems or accidents related to alcohol – things like car accidents, DUI’s, falls, fist fights, domestic violence, financial problems, etc.
* Problems in relationships with loved ones. Criticism about your drinking from people who know you best.
* Odors of alcohol when around individual, especially on breath.
* Shakes, delirium tremens.
* Increase or decrease in weight.
* Repeated complaints of fatigue, lack of energy, inability to concentrate, headaches, etc.
* Unpredictability, strange behavior.
* Withdrawal from responsibility.
* Loses touch with reality at times.
* Loss of mental sharpness, creativity, business acumen.
* Chronic lateness.
* Trouble making rational decisions.
* Quality of work/dressing deteriorates.

Among others.