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These are based on staff input and the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps:

We encourage authenticity, personal responsibility and right action. We believe that having self-respect starts with honesty and we understand that change begins with acceptance.

As a 12 step based recovery centre, we believe that our connection to a power greater than ourselves instills hope and gives comfort. Through team work and collaboration, trust grows, relationships are built and supportive communities are formed. We are not alone.

We commit to the practice of humility. We are teachable and willing to listen to the diverse wisdom in our community. This is our truth.

We are role models for our peers; therefore self-inquiry and follow through are imperative. Through being compassionate, courageous and non-judgmental in our quest for truth, we gain awareness of ourselves.

Accountability is an opportunity for growth. We challenge ourselves to be congruent and consistent while maintaining reasonable expectation of ourselves.

Unconditional positive regard is the foundation of self-acceptance, self-love, self-respect and self-worth. By becoming mindful of both our assets and our liabilities, we welcome a whole person approach to recovery.

We have come to believe that we can do together what one cannot do alone. We stay open minded and we validate the unique perspectives that each person offers. When we honestly communicate our needs, we allow others to nourish us on all levels of our being.

With care and empathy, we develop a curiosity about ourselves and we learn to be curious about others. We are committed to a genuine connection that enriches our human experience.

Healthy boundaries and structure form the container we need to feel safe and grow. By cultivating patience and tolerance we can learn to forgive.

Our inherited wisdom tells us we have to maintain a daily practice for spiritual progress. Through self-discipline, mindfulness and practical strategies, we find passion, purpose and meaning in our lives.

With a growing recognition of our inherent inner peace, we discover our soul’s journey and our unique gifts and talents. Life becomes increasingly beautiful.

Having a holistic outlook on life and gratitude for our spiritual awakening, we share with others the gift of recovery with kindness and a playful heart. This balanced view supports us in going the extra mile!

Our Rehab Programs

3-month & 6-month programs for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

We treat each and every client as a unique and dignified individual worthy of respect and understanding, and empower them to take responsibility for their ongoing recovery.