Who we are

Promises Treatment Centre is a fully registered and Nacada accredited treatment and rehabilitation facility.

It’s a highly respected addiction recovery centre – renowned for breaking the cycle of addiction and restoring hope and health to individuals, families and communities. Our staff will put your culture, family and values at the center of your recovery.

Ben Mumo, who is a trained and qualified addiction counselor, oversees all daily operations of PTC and ensures the quality of care and treatment provided is consistent and of the highest caliber. He draws on his personal experience with addiction and recovery to convey strength and hope to clients and their families. 

Ben is committed to PTC’s community of recovery and is a powerful advocate for the addict who still suffers. “Our goal is for clients to leave PTC ready to live life feeling emotionally strong, personally accountable and excited about their ongoing recovery,” he says. “At the core of our beliefs and values is our absolute conviction that all clients can succeed.”



Our Core Beliefs

* We believe that addiction is a treatable disease and the cycle can be broken.
* We treat each and every client as a unique and dignified individual worthy of respect and understanding.
* We empower our clients to take responsibility for their ongoing recovery. We do this using a holistic approach built upon a solid foundation of 12 step philosophy and tradition.
* We use a wide range of psycho-educational models to address the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of our clients.
* We honor the trust that has been granted to us of restoring hope and health to our clients and their families.


We are committed to eradicating the stigma of addiction and fostering a new, sustainable culture of recovery. We are committed to building strong communities of recovery that, in turn make meaningful contributions to society as a whole. We are committed to being a leader in the growing recovery advocacy movement in Kenya and to celebrating recovery!