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Who Are We?

Promises Treatment Centre is a fully registered and Nacada accredited treatment and rehabilitation facility.

It’s a highly respected addiction recovery centre – renowned for breaking the cycle of addiction and restoring hope and health to individuals, families and communities. Our staff will put your culture, family and values at the center of your recovery.

Follow Up

We help continue the process of addiction recovery and sobriety by doing follow up on the progress of our discharged clients.

Qualified Counselors

We provide care in a controlled environment with extra support to help mitigate the risk of relapse during recovery.

Residential Treatment

During and after the completion of a detox regimen, a patient continues their stay in a residential facility for physical and mental recovery.

Our Services


Promises Treatment Centre provides a systematic approach to raising awareness and increasing knowledge regarding substance misuse, wellness, and related issues.


On admission, a client undergoes a medically supervised detox process to help deal with withdrawal symptoms successfully.

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment

After a clinical assessment is done, a client is put under a recovery program that is suitable for his/her condition.


After discharge, we follow up on the progress of our clients to ensure that they seamlessly get integrated into the society and continue providing therapy to help prevent relapse.

Our Rehab Programs

3-month & 6-month programs for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

We treat each and every client as a unique and dignified individual worthy of respect and understanding, and empower them to take responsibility for their ongoing recovery. 

Alcoholics undergo a three-month recovery program, while drug addicts undergo a six-month recovery program. We use several proven substance abuse treatment therapy models in our programs that ultimately help our clients achieve sobriety.

Happy clients

The attitude of their staff is very warm and welcoming. The evaluation process was smooth and easy and I love the groups that we have. I can share openly and everyone is so willing to give me feedback.
The program has saved my life…My sessions have impacted my life and brought out things I truly believed I would never tell a soul. I have made some new friends who share in my treatment.
I was very happy with the openness and honesty I felt within the group. It fostered a good environment to test ideas and talk about our struggles with addiction.


These are based on staff input and the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps:

We encourage authenticity, personal responsibility and right action. We believe that having self-respect starts with honesty and we understand that change begins with acceptance.

As a 12 step based recovery centre, we believe that our connection to a power greater than ourselves instills hope and gives comfort. Through team work and collaboration, trust grows, relationships are built and supportive communities are formed. We are not alone.

We commit to the practice of humility. We are teachable and willing to listen to the diverse wisdom in our community. This is our truth.

We are role models for our peers; therefore self-inquiry and follow through are imperative. Through being compassionate, courageous and non-judgmental in our quest for truth, we gain awareness of ourselves.

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